Obtaining registration card at consular districts

Required documents

For adults

 Moroccan ID

 Booklet Moroccan family or extract of birth certificate

 The residence card or document proving domicile or legal residence in the consular district

 Certificate of employment (Optional)

 Certificate of study for students Or schooling for minors plus identity document legal guardian

 Two photos on white background(4 x 3 cm)

 Present the original copies of official documents.

 Embassy registration fees

 Application form to be filled out ( please, click here for the Application form


For minors

 Family civil status register or a scanned copy

 Consular registration card of guardian
 Passport of father or of mother provided minor is mentioned

Registered persons obtain a registration card mentioning identity, citizenship, residence, and occupation. Registration is carried out immediately while provision of the registration card is delayed to the date of the presentation of the full file.


To proceed to such registration, the below procedure should be followed: Registration is three years valid.

 In case of failure to renewal, applicants lose the benefits of provisions set out in the legislations in favor of registered Moroccans

 Any important changes in the personal status of family situation of the registered applicant must be notified and mentioned on the registration sheet

 Registration is cancelled by registration offices in case applicants lose Moroccan citizenship, or no longer reside in the same district

 If residence is changed to another consular district, applicants may apply to the consulate within their place of residence to transfer their file

Contact us at consular@moroccanembassy.sa