About Embassy

Embassy Staff



Mustapha Mansouri

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Mounir Ktitou

Minister Penipotentiary, Deputy Head of Mission

Colonel Said Ougzouli

Defence Attaché

Ahmed Lakhdar

Minister Penipotentiary, Political Affairs

Abdellah Babbah

Minister Penipotentiary. Assistant Delegate to the OIC

Mustapha Marouani

Minister Penipotentiary, Cultural Affairs

Hicham Driouach

Counselor for Economic Affairs

Kamal Boukhari

Attache  for Consular Affairs

Tarik Alaoui Mdghri

Third Secretary at the Permanent Mission to the O.I.C. 

Abdelhafid El Moussaoui

Third Secretary in charge of social Affairs

Abdellatif Abana



Former Ambassadors

  • Fquih Mohammed Ghazi
  • Fatmi Benslimane
  • Abderrahman Baddou
  • Dey Ould Sidi Baba
  • Mohamed Alami
  • Moulay Zine Alaoui
  • Ahmed Ramzi
  • Mohamed Tazi
  • Hassan Abou Ayoub
  • Abdelkarim Semmar
  • Abdeslam Baraka 




Embassy Holidays
(The religious celebretions depends on Hegira Calendar)

Day Date
Independance Manifesto January 11
Labor Day May 1
The Throne Day July 30
Oued Eddahab Day August 14
King & People's Revolution Day August 20
The Youth Day August 21
The Green March November 6
The Independance Day November 18