Vision & Mission

The Moroccan Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in 1958 with the objective of further strengthening bilateral relationships and improving  political, economic, social and cultural ties.

The two countries have had a long and prosperous historical course, spanning over decades. Initiated by our two heads of state these flourishing relations have expanded through a continues development. 

These relations reached an exceptional level that makes them distinguished among others. This specific collaboration between the two kingdoms has been based on mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs and parity conditions.

The Royal Moroccan Embassy aims at preserving and promoting mutual foreign policy interests in order to consolidate a process of continuous collaboration and harmony between the two countries in maintaining peace, cooperation and order in the world. In addition to that the moroccan diplomatic mission will valuably contribute to the implementation of the core objectives of the moroccan international policy, by protecting national interests and citizens rights of both countries.

Today the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Saudi Arabia is pleased to announce to the general public the implementation and availability of a new online service through its website that aims to improve the quality and the response time to the services requested by Moroccan citizens and foreigners. 

The online consular registration service for Moroccans residing in Saudi Arabia will reduce significantly the waiting time, and will also aim to avoid the inconveniences of frequent trips due to the usual administrative procedures. The continues improvement of this online medium, will furthermore, inform users on time via email or SMS about the progress status of the management of their case file.

Foreigners wishing to travel to Morocco whatever their reasons are, may, in return, fill out the application form online and find all informations  related to the required documents. A quick response is to be expected. This interactive and evolving site claims to inform, communicate and be at the entire disposal of the Moroccan-Saudi relationships in all fields.

The diplomatic and local staff of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Riyadh would like to thank you for your visit and remains at your disposal to assist you in your administrative procedures in order to provide you with an enjoyable experience with us.