Morocco’s Ambassador in Riyadh receives Moroccan globetrotter Bahcine El Kharrad

Embassy's Team

Morocco's Ambassador in Riyadh, Mr. Abdeslam Baraka, received on Sunday, Moroccan globetrotter Bahcine El Kharrad, who is touring throughout the Arab countries and Turkey with a message of peace, solidarity and tolerance from Moroccan association Hassania of scouting.


At this occasion, the Ambassador symbolically delivered to Mr. Bahcine El Kharrad, who was accompanied by two members of the Saudi Arabian Boy Scout association, a consular residential card.


Bahcine El Kharrad has left Rabat on June 02, and crossed Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Emirates, Qatar and he is being preparing his next stop-over Bahrain where he intends to arrive in few days.


During his long trip, he plants a tree in every country he visits as a symbol of peace, solidarity and brotherhood.