Morocco Decides To Suspend All Judicial Cooperation Agreements With France, Statement

Date : 26 02 2014

Rabat - Morocco announced on Wednesday the suspension of all the agreements on judicial cooperation with France in order to "address potential shortcomings."


A statement from the Ministry of Justice and Liberties said Morocco has also decided to "recall the Moroccan liaison magistrate accredited in France to discuss the appropriate solutions to ensure the mutual and total compliance with the spirit of the agreements between the two countries. "
The statement said the Moroccan side took note of the non-respect of judicial cooperation agreements between Morocco and France, following the emergence of numerous shortcomings and deficiencies in these conventions.


The document said the steps taken by the Moroccan liaison magistrate accredited to Paris to obtain the necessary clarifications from the French judicial authorities on the matter within a period of three days were in vain, which denotes a behavior that the Moroccan judicial authorities have never observed in its cooperation with their French counterparts.


The step comes also in view of the fact that seven elements of the French police attempted to deliver a court summons to a Moroccan official at the residence of the Ambassador of Morocco in Paris, in violation of diplomatic traditions and in a provocative manner, the ministry said.


The Ministry said that these behaviors constitute a serious violation of fundamental rules of cooperation between the two countries, and harm the spirit of cooperation and even undermine the credibility of the Moroccan justice system.

Morocco's decision to suspend all the agreements on judicial cooperation between the two countries aims to allow for an assessment of their impact, update them in order to remedy possible deficiencies, the same source said.