HM The King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and RAF Chief of Staff, addresses order of the day to Royal Armed Forces

Date : 14 05 2014


Rabat - On the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the inception of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), HM King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and FAR Chief of Staff addressed, on Wednesday, the Order of the Day to officers, non-commissioned officers and privates.


In this message, the sovereign said he was glad to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the inception of the Royal Armed Forces as a prominent stage in Morocco's history which is full of glories and achievements, adding that the event is an opportunity to remember the founding fathers who laid the bases of FAR, heroes of the nation late Kings Mohammed V and Hassan II.


The monarch underlined that the celebration of this historical event is an occasion to pay respects to all patriots who devoted themselves and made huge sacrifices so that Morocco keeps its freedom and glory and continues triumphing thanks to the perfect symbiosis between the Throne and the people, seizing the occasion to hail efforts by the different components of the royal land, air and sea forces as well as the royal gendarmerie which mirror the sense of sacrifice, honor, devotion and honesty in defending the homeland and protecting its security and sacred values.


The sovereign stressed that the achievements made under his reign will remain a source of pride not only for the Royal Armed Forces, but for all the Moroccan people.


Fulfilling you duties with loyalty and devotion provides insurance regarding the development of the Army at the scientific and technical levels, and on the ground according to an active, renewed vision which combines the requirements of the present time and security challenges which keep growing in such delicate international and regional juncture, the monarch said.


"Your efforts and output in terms of humanitarian action is a good example of solidarity and brotherhood as show the field hospitals set up upon our orders in Guinea-Conakry and Mali as a sincere expression of our solidarity with our African brothers and a confirmation of our African belonging," HM the King added.


The sovereign also recalled the professionalism, competence and rational organization which marked FAR's action in the Zaatari military field hospital, adding that this humanitarian mission is still under way in Jordan with abnegation, determination and know-how.


The continued presence of Moroccan military contingents in Africa as part of UN peacekeeping operations in Congo, Côte d'Ivoire and Central Africa reinforces Morocco's unwavering position and the credibility of the country's adherence to peace-building efforts and international security, the sovereign highlighted.  


HM the King called upon the institution, mobilized to defend the lofty values of solidarity, to pursue its efforts and action to promote and develop human resources in terms of competence through good and diversified military training, stemming from "our civilizational values that are open on the regional and international environment".


The sovereign also voiced commitment to preserving the power and immunity of the Army and providing all means to ensure its modernity and efficiency, while broadening the scope of the army's enjoyment of basic social services, modern working tools, equipment and services necessary to fulfill their national duty in the best conditions.