Status of 4 million expats corrected — Labor Ministry

Date : 17 07 2013


The Labor Ministry announced on Monday it had completed nearly four million labor correction cases during the past four months including 1.18 million transfers of services.

“As many as 1.12 million expats corrected their professions until July 6,” said Abdullah Abuthnain, deputy minister for inspections and developing work atmosphere.

“We have also issued and renewed more than 1.6 million work permits during the period,” he said, adding that 34 percent of correction work took place in the Riyadh region.

A total of 575,800 corrections have been carried out by the construction sector while 220,172 by the trade sector. Over 60,335 expats transferred their services to the food sector, 60,101 to downstream industries and 55,139 to workshops and maintenance sector.

He said a total of 42,836 workers transferred their services to the contracting, cleaning and maintenance sector, 26,566 to individual sponsors, 24,506 to the transport sector, 19,659 to the social services sector and 15,675 to the agricultural and fishing sector.

Abuthnain said foreigners can change their professions free of charge using the ministry’s electronic services, without visiting its office.