Morocco Wins 2014 Media Tenor's Mena Countries Award

Date : 19 02 2015


Vienna, Feb. 19, 2015 - Communication Minister, Government Spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi receieved, here Thursday, the 2014 Media Tenor's MENA Countries Award for the quality of the media coverage the kingdom has received.


The award, which recognizes the countries that established a diverse, informative and credible media image, seeks to honor the country in the MiddleEast North Africa (MENA) region with the "most robust and diverse media profile".


In order to determine which MENA country has contributed the most diverse, informative, and meaningful information over the last year, the nominated countries were evaluated on eight criteria.


"Morocco has developed itself in each aspect, generating heighted media visibility on domestic, social and economical platforms of the country", Media Tenor said, adding that this "balanced awareness of coverage has positioned the country as the winner of this years MENA award".


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