Development Strategy Of Oasis Zones And Argan Tree Grove

Date : 04 10 2013



Errachidia- HM King Mohammed VI launched this Friday in Errachidia the oases zones and argan tree grove development strategy, a new illustration of the Sovereign's commitment for sustainable and balanced development of these fragile areas.


The strategy deals with the comprehensive and integrated development of this regional territory that covers 40pc of the national territory.


Designed in accordance with Royal instructions, the strategy's main objectives is to fulfill human   development in target areas, develop natural, cultural and economic resources and protect the environment.


Agriculture and sea fisheries minister, Aziz Akhannouch explained at a presentation, before the Sovereign, that the strategy took into account all other sectorial strategies implemented nationwide and major ongoing or completed mutations, especially the advanced regionalization project.
Programs scheduled in the strategy were devised in accordance with a participative approach that involved all the concerned stakeholders and need the adherence of all those concerned and control and follow-up mechanisms.


Seeking to reach balanced development of the oases region and argan tree grove, and promote their competitiveness, the strategy includes 45 programs for a total budget of 92 billion Dirhams.


General manager of the national agency for the oases zones and argan tree grove Brahim Hafidi said the agency will be coordinating between various actors and perform evaluation and follow-up of programs and projects scheduled in the new strategy.


A budget of 11.3 billion Dirhams was allocated to the Province of Errachidia integrated development program, part of the oases zones and argan tree grove development strategy, he added.


The program includes several development actions for basic facilities, education and training, agriculture, tourism, mining and handicraft. Its goal is to improve the GDP (13 billion dirhams by 2020) and create over 25,000 jobs.


Ecology is an important feature of this program which includes    several actions of water resources rational management, fight against desertification, and preservation of bio-diversity, he added.


The Sovereign then chaired the signing ceremony of four conventions related to the implemention of the strategy.


The first three conventions deal with upgrading and developing the oases zones and argan tree groves nationwide. They were signed by the agriculture minister and sea fisheries minister, the general manager of the national agency for the development of oases zones and argan groves, the governors of the concerned regions and presidents of the concerned provincial and prefectoral councils.


The fourth convention, signed by the agriculture and sea fisheries minister, the high Commissioner of water, forest and the fight against desertification and the general manager of the national agency for the development of oases zones and argan groves deals with the upgrading of the argan trees ecologic space, promoting argan tree culture as a productive activity over an area of 5,000 hectares by 2020 and rehabilitating the eco-systems of the Amskroud forest, affected by the August 2013 fire.